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Wheelchair accessible holidays for the disabled without all the hassle and problems.

A unique concept in wheelchair accessible holidays and respite breaks for disabled people wanting to travel to France. Based on the pink granite coast of Brittany, on the banks of the River Jaudy in a small and very beautiful town called La Roche Derrien, we offer the comfort of modern living in a rural traditional setting, yet we are only ten minutes away from the beaches, several towns and all the other attractions you would expect on a holiday.

The old cotton mill was transformed during 2006 into six self contained apartments, which are all accessible for a disabled traveller/wheelchair user. Purpose built within strict guidelines we have transformed the inside of the mill. Unlike a traditional French 'gite', each apartment is on a single level and has no 'upstairs' that you could not get to anyway if you are a wheelchair user.

There was such a great need in the area for disabled accessible accommodation that this big building, broken down into 6 apartments would allow us to accept group holiday bookings and large family holiday bookings without hesitation. Yet it maintains an air of independence, everyone has their own apartment with all the facilities and there are communal areas for socialising during their French holiday.

Apart from the holiday accommodation, we have several other services on offer which can work alongside you during your holiday. Support workers, adapted transport and also many different pieces of equipment to make the disabled holiday makers stay more comfortable.

Carl and Jacqui Alban


We may look and have the feel of a huge corporation, but there is nothing further from the truth. I Need A Holiday Too is run in essence by three people, Jacqui, Carl and Max Alban.

All three of us work incredibly hard to deliver the sort of customer service and experience that you would expect from a large company but it is very personalised and you never get the faceless experience you would get from other companies.

We have been in business since 2005 and opened our doors in La Roche Derrien in July 2006. We offer a very unique service to our guests with our bespoke care packages, individual needs being met and offering our guests choice and control over their holiday or respite stays with us.

The whole ethos of our company is to ensure that the disabled person and or their family are in control, we don’t tell you what to do, how to do it and when you are going to do it, we offer you options, solutions, answers to your questions for you to decide.We offer you bespoke care packages, we can offer you flexibility, experience, and control with all of our staff who can meet personal and social care needs dependent on your agreed assessed needs.

We can work within your agreed needs with Social Care and Health and can accept Direct Payments, PIPs and Independent Budgets to meet the costs, all invoices and paperwork can be provided for your audits.

Our door is always open and we live on site, you will meet us on a daily basis and often we will be sat down chatting to people on the terrace or out in the garden. We are always available to help with a problem, change a piece of equipment, in fact, Carl has been known to fix electrical problems on a wheelchair overnight whilst it is not in use, just so a customer doesn’t lose a day of a holiday waiting for a repairman to arrive.

Max is completely bilingual in French and Jacqui speaks very bad French very fluently as she is often heard saying but between them they can get a job done. Often found at the local GP’s or pharmacy trying to sort out a medical problem Jacqui is extremely well known within the local community.

We are not aware of any other company that can offer you a unique experience like ours all in house that can gives you complete flexibility and control over your holiday.


Wheelchair accessible family holidays in Brittany, France without all the hassle and problems.

Disabled Friendly Holidays

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Disabled Holidays in France

Disabled Holidays in France

Ensuring all of our disabled holidays in Brittany, France are wheelchair friendly makes them accessible to everyone. Not only have we met all local regulations, we have tried to meet regulations under the Disability Discrimination Act in the UK, plus we have used our own personal experience of disability for additional touches. All of our apartments have tiled floors, wide doors, turning circles, level access showers, shower chairs, raised toilets with grab rails as standard, plus many more features.

What we can offer is a complete accessible holiday package to meet your needs and the needs of anyone who supports you. What we don't agree with is that you may have support whilst at home but your husband, wife, friends or family are expected to meet all of your care needs whilst on holiday - surely it is their holiday too? Also, just because we have said accessible, disabled friendly, support packages doesn't mean to say that we are charging you any more, experience shows that some travel agents and accommodation owners put a little wheelchair symbol on their website and it gives them the right to charge an extra 500 pounds Our prices are in line with everywhere else around the area, that isn't disabled friendly! YES, you have to pay for a care/support package, but we can accept a direct payment and NO you don't have to pay for any equipment that we have in stock - this includes pressure mattresses and shower chairs for example.

Download or view our brochure on wheelchair accessible holidays

On our accessible accommodation page you will find lots of photographs, information with measurements, layouts, and what's included in the price. We hope that we have included all the facts that you may need. If there are any additional pieces of information then please don't hesitate to ask. We can now offer greatly discounted Ferry Crossings with Brittany Ferries, We have an availability calendar and price list, plus you can download our booking pack. Please do check with us that we do have availability, as the calendar is updated regularly.


We try very hard at ineedaholidaytoo to give you the best holiday possiblle

Discounted Ferry Crossings To France

Discounted Ferry Travel

We can offer you a 20% discount off of all crossings with Brittany Ferries when you book a holiday with ineedaholidaytoo..

Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Accessible

We have 6 wheelchair accessible apartments perfect for holidays, vacations and respite breaks in Brittany, France.

Accessible Bathrooms

Accessible Bathrooms

All of our accessible apartments have huge level access shower rooms with all the accessories you might need


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a holiday.

La Roche Derrien, Brittany, France
UK Freephone: 0800 949 6801
Telephone +33 296 91 55 97
Mobile +33 780 002 514
Email: ineedaholidaytoo@gmail.com
Email: info@ineedaholidaytoo.com