frequently asked questions about accessible holidays

Will my wheelchair fit? Is there a an accessible toilet? Is there a bath or a proper wet room? Can I get a profiling bed? How about a commode chair?

We have tried to answer some of the more obvious questions here, but if you need more information, you need something specific answering or you think we have just missed something out please don't hesitate to contact us. You can call or email us anytime and even if we don't know the answer there and then we will get back to you as soon as possible.

• Meeting at the airport or hotel, flights, transfers, accommodation, assistance.
• Excursions most days whilst on holiday, including transport and entrance fees.
• Supervision and care from a holiday support worker which can include administering prescribed medications.
• Support with booking your holiday, ensuring that you have enough information to make an informed choice.
• Transparency with costs, we are happy to give you bespoke prices to ensure we meet your agreed assessed needs.
• Prices, in the brochure, are based on people that need supervision and minimal support.
• Our holiday support workers are available at all times.
• Normal ratio is one holiday support worker to four or five clients, 1:2:1 support can be arranged for an additional cost.
• You may need extra support to enable you to enjoy your holiday. Personal care, additional assistance and equipment is available, at an extra cost.
• There are sometimes additional optional trips or activities at an extra cost.
• In general, we need at least three clients confirmed on a holiday for it to run. We do sometimes run a holiday with less. As soon as we have received three deposits, the holiday is guaranteed, and we will proceed with finalising the details.

• Have fun, enjoy yourself and lots of laughter.
• To be interested in what the holiday offers, activities, trips out for example.
• To have a relaxing holiday, no stress!
• To have your own space/time out if you want it.
• To be supported at all times.
• To feel safe.
• Friendly, caring and trained staff offering practical support at all times.
• Opportunity to make memories.
• Eating out, nights out, just generally enjoying yourself.

As we specialise in accessible holidays for the disabled person and most of those holidays are based on very individual packages it may be very difficult for you to gauge a cost from our general price list. Therefore, we ask anyone who would like more information or a price for a break to contact us. This will allow us to ask any relevant questions in order to give you a more specific price based on your requirements.

For people who currently receive their support package in the UK by way of a Direct Payment and/or Individual Budget you can use these to pay towards your assessed, agreed needs during your stay with us. This will ensure that you receive the same level of support during your holiday, as you would expect at home. In some cases, it may be possible to agree with your Care Manager or Social Worker that for your holiday you receive extra support, as you are in a different environment, you would like to do more whilst you are here than you would normally do whilst at home, you may feel that your family/support workers need some respite from the support side of things, then this is the ideal opportunity. It is also possible to agree with your Care Manager that your Direct Payment/Individual Budget could help meet the costs of any equipment that you need during your stay. Such as the profiling beds, hoists, etc. We are happy to give you separate invoices for anything that could be paid for from your direct payment account, ask us for more information on using your direct payment towards our costs.

Call us and one of our Holiday Coordinators will answer all your questions and give you more information.

Travel Insurance from Fish

For those with pre-existing conditions and disabilities, finding good and affordable holiday insurance can be a struggle. But don’t panic because travel insurance from Fish Insurance is designed specifically to protect people with disabilities and medical conditions. Compare Fish’s travel insurance with standard policies and you’ll quickly see how it’s been designed with the needs of people with disabilities firmly in mind. You’ll see a range of benefits which demonstrate an understanding of what’s important and necessary to the lives of disabled people, especially when you’re away from home. Key benefits of the policy are:

  • Covers a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Covers emergency replacement of prescription medicines
  • Provides cover for a replacement carer
  • Protects mobility and disability equipment
  • Friendly UK-based claims service and specialist medical assistance

To get a quote online, simply click here or alternatively, speak to one of Fish’s friendly team on 0333 331 3770 quoting ‘I need a holiday too’.

When choosing your holiday or deciding where you want to go, obviously being disabled influences your choices. If you are in any doubt then please contact us on 0800 949 6801 where our experienced holiday coordinators can help take the guesswork out of it, ensure you have enough information to make an informed choice and give the control you need over your holiday.

Airport assistance can be pre booked and arranged free of charge through ourselves. Assistance can be provided from the check in desk straight through to escort you to the aircraft. Assistance with boarding can be provided upon making your reservation and accessibility form will be sent to you to ascertain all your mobility needs. At selected airports on board hoists can be arranged to assist you into your seat.

We recommend that you travel with enough medication in your hand luggage for the first two or three days, if we are responsible for your medication we will ensure that our holiday support workers do this on your behalf. This ensures that you will be covered in case of any delays that may happen. We also need a valid prescription for all medications that you require during your holiday.

Please be aware that there may be different rules, regulations and laws pertaining to some medication in different countries, if this is the case we will advise you when you book with us, and ensure that you can travel with your medication.

If you are ill whilst on holiday our holiday support workers will ensure that you get to the local medical facilities as soon as possible. These will vary dependent on the holiday. You are obliged to take out travel insurance to participate on our holidays. Please contact our travel insurance provider – Fish Insurance who cover your health whilst on holiday.

We recommend that you take adequate medication to cover your holiday whilst also allowing extra for unexpected eventualities, delays, etc. We ask that all medication is in a Dosette Box arrangement from your local pharmacy and is covered by a MARRs sheet, that our holiday support workers can complete. They will be fully trained in medication control and administration.

We also would advise that you bring a current prescription, just in case there is a need whilst overseas.

Absolutely you can. Whether it be a manual wheelchair or an electric wheelchair we can arrange for it to come with you. If there is a flight we ensure you stay in your chair until you have to board the flight, if need be we can organise that you have assistance on the flight to access the toilet for example. Due to certain security measures, it may be necessary that security services not only search you, but also search your wheelchair at the airport or port.

Airlines do have different policies so we will ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed choice. If you are staying in the UK we will check that your wheelchair fits. In our own accommodation in Brittany, we have a passenger lift, so again, we will check that your chair will fit. With the Brittany property we have had 100’s of wheelchair users stay with all sorts, shapes and sizes of wheelchair and we haven’t had one yet that won’t fit – That is not a challenge!

Absolutely, we have our own adapted property that has equipment including ceiling track hoists, mobile hoists, profiling beds and the like. We also can hire equipment to meet your needs, whether than be on a cuise liner, or in accessible accommodation. Call us to discuss your needs. 0800 949 6801

No guests need to bring their own slings suitable for portable hoists and ceiling track hoists. This will include a spare one if you want to access a swimming pool with a hoist or Jacuzzi where you will need one sling for everyday use and another for getting wet.
In our France property – We do have an emergency supply of slings for people that forget theirs, or need another one in an emergency, but we obviously cannot guarantee the fit or comfort of them. They also may not be the same style or make that you normally use.

There are various rules and regulations relating to travelling with oxygen on planes. Please call 0800 949 6801 for further information. You may have to contact your own supplier who may have an agreement or a company local to your holiday destination.

Absolutely yes. They are also very experienced, have regular training and are used to working with people on a short term basis, so they learn very quickly disabled peoples routines. Due to the nature of the job, they are all very experienced in a variety of different impairments and understand that no two people are the same even if they do have the same impairment on paper!

Yes, we are happy to welcome anyone from all walks of life. This includes, disabled people, friends, families, carers, non disabled. In fact the more the merrier as far as we are concerned!

Accommodation is based on 2 or more clients sharing a room. Single rooms are sometimes available at an additional cost and should be requested at the time of booking. If there is no one available for the client to share a room the client will be responsible for the single room supplement.


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