Ineedaholidaytoo - Those all important measurements you needMeasurements

Going away on a wheelchair accessible holiday or respite break when you are disabled can be a total pain. How do you know that your wheelchair is going to fit in the shower room? How do you know what height the beds are?

Because we are selling holidays to the disabled community it seemed like a good idea to measure everything and put those measurements here. If you have any questions then please ask.

You were just heaven sent. You got a gorgeous place and we had a wonderful time staying with you. Thank you for everything.

Leonore and Christel

Main door into building 93cm width
Corridor 180cm width
Front door on each apartment 90cm width
All internal doors 80cm width
Height from floor to light switch 83cm height
Height from floor to plug sockets 37cm height
Height from floor to door handles 104cm height
Hallways (flats 1, 3 & 5) 104cm width
Lift doors 80cm width
Internal lift dimensions 138cmx97cm
Height of regular bed 47cm height
Gap under regular bed 23cm height
Height of regular bed with bed raisers 57cm height
Profiling bed (AKA hospital bed) Variable
Height of Toilet with seat down 50cm height
Height of toilet with seat raised 48cm height
Drop down bar by toilet 76cm height
Grab rails - fixed by toilet 76cm height
Wheel Under Sink - Bathroom 65cm height
Taps on Shower 100cm height
Mirror above sink - fixed 100cm height
Moveable mirror to the side of all sinks Yes
Sofa 40cm height
Dining table 76cm height
Work surface 85cm height
Wheel under sink 83cm height
All measurements have been taken from the floor, in the case of wheel under furniture the height has been measured to where your legs would fit under. In the case of beds, sofa, etc, then the measurement is to the top of the mattress or cushion for example.  

Who says we are accessible?

An interesting question I am sure you will agree. We have tried very hard within our modest building budget to make something that will make as many people happy as is humanly possible. Things like fancy adjustable height kitchen work surfaces were simply out of budget and from the guests I have spoken to, a waste of money for a holiday apartment.

We have listened carefully to the many many customers who have visited over the years and a few things have been moved, tweeked, removed, burnt, laughed at and well... you get the idea. We are never to old to learn new tricks and never to proud to accept friendly criticism. We wanted to make accessible holidays possible for all and 'do-able' for those with much more complex needs and we are very proud to say we have done that.

We had a wonderful time in France. The accommodation provided by you and your husband Carl was very comfortable , spacious, and nicely decorated. The only fault I found was not having a shower trolley which I need as I cannot sit up unaided. Your local knowledge was a great help to us. The restaurant you recommended in the village was superb. Looking forward to meeting you all again in the not too distant future.

Deirdre, Anne and John