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Respite Breaks for Carers, Families and Disabled People

Are you a carer looking for a respite holiday break, with or without the disabled person that you normally care for? Or maybe you are the disabled person who is cared for and you are looking for a respite holiday with or without your carer? #RespiteCare

Respite Holidays With Care

With individual respite budgets and direct payments on the increase we decided it was the ‘right’ time for us to start offering all inclusive respite breaks, for disabled people, their families, friends and carers. Many disabled people want a break from routine, from their own four walls, yet don’t necessarily want to be away from family, friends or partners, hence there is an ever increasing need for respite breaks that can accommodate everyone in a ‘normal’ environment, yet still meet the disabled persons needs without having to start relying on family to meet those needs. This can include everything from personal care through to social activities. We also can offer holidays for carers, with or without the person that they normally care for. We do provide care and support but we are not a care home. We can offer nursing care but we are not a nursing home. #HolidaysWithCare

Supported respite Holidays

We are an experience, a holiday, a break from it all. Everything a person could want from taking a break and having a holiday! We can offer weeks where it is all about the activity. Or we can just offer you a personalised holiday, you can choose what you want to do based on the weather, what you fancy or whether or not you can be bothered – entirely up to you. Some of our weeks are group run, so an itinerary is agreed, with lots of things to see and do, and that’s the holiday sorted. Others can be more personalised, and you can decide to opt in or out, you can, choose a different activity based on your preference. One thing to be sure of though is that you will have great fun and have a fantastic holiday during your time with us. #SupportedHolidays

Both The Carers Trust and Carers UK are useful sources of information on the different type of holidays and breaks available and the care that is on offer.

We understand that funding for a break may be difficult for you, but there is a number of ways of making our breaks more affordable.

Local Authority funding

Ineedaholidaytoo can give you current information on possible sources of funding from your Local Authority. Many do offer some support for the person receiving the care and/or the carer to find out what they can help with give them a call or look at their website for their Health and Social Care Department to find out more.

If you have any questions or you are at all unsure call us on 0800 949 6801 and we can give you the relevent details for you to make the call.

External Funding and Grants

There are several charities available that can help with costs towards respite breaks, holidays for children, etc. They may be dependent on where you live, your disablility, that sort of thing but a search on the internet for Grants/Funding for disabled people and holidays turns up several options. #AccessibleHolidays

Funding guides and resources

Disability Grants Information and search of Grants and Funding available for adults, children and families to get a holiday.

Carers UK Help and Advice has a useful Financial Help section on their website, as well as a range of guides to download.

Funding Caring is a resource for anyone requiring information on the cost of care, whether for themselves or for someone else. The site provides detailed advice and information on the financial help that’s available to assist with the costs of caring.

Tourism for All produce a guide to obtaining financial help, available from their website for a small charge.

Turn2Us helps people find and access appropriate sources of financial support available to them.

Please feel free to call us for more information and we can try and help you find the funding for the break that you would like


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