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Wheelchair Accessible Holidays And Respite Breaks
Wheelchair accessible respite breaks and holidays in France

A wheelchair accessible holiday in France sounds like a brilliant idea BUT what about all that equipment you need?

wheelchair accessible holiday or respite break in France sounds like a brilliant idea BUT what about all that equipment you need? A lot of our guests need equipment like hoists, shower chairs, commode chairs, profiling beds and stand-aids to ensure that they are comfortable, safe and have autonomy during their stay. It is not always possible for you to bring everything with you as a lot of the equipment is bulky, heavy or just will not squish into the car (after all girls, we all need four suitcases packed to within bursting for a couple of weeks abroad!)

wheelchair Accessible Holidays

We offer a comprehensive equipment service with access to most things that you may need, it is very rare that we are unable to meet your needs. We ask that guests bring their own slings for hoists, or their own sleep systems, for example, as although we do have options and alternatives in the event of an emergency we cannot guarantee the fit or comfort of these items. We will discuss this with you at the time of booking. #AccessibleHolidays #SupportedHolidays

With the exception of profiling beds and the shower trolley, all equipment owned by us is FREE OF CHARGE for you to use. This is on a first come, first served basis so be sure to book any items you require in advance please. We have an extensive collection of manual wheelchairs, shower chairs and commode chairs, mattresses and loop systems to name just a few. #HolidayWithAHoist #WheelchairAccessible

Supported Holidays

All of our apartments are wheelchair accessible and have a wheeled shower chair as standard and free of charge

Profiling Bed With Pressure Mattresswheelchair accessible holiday tick
Electric Hoistwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Standaid Style Hoistwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Ripple Effect Air Pressure Mattresswheelchair accessible holiday tick
Shower Trolleywheelchair accessible holiday tick
Profiling Bedwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Profiling Bed – Childwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Profiling Bed – Bariatricwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Rotastandwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Manual Wheelchair – Standard Adultwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Manual Wheelchair – Childwheelchair accessible holiday tick
CPAP Machinewheelchair accessible holiday tick
Ventilatorwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Suction Machinewheelchair accessible holiday tick
Oxygenwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Nebuliserwheelchair accessible holiday tick
Walking Frame wheelchair accessible holiday tick
TENs Machinewheelchair accessible holiday tick
Enteral Feeding Pump – for PEG Feedingwheelchair accessible holiday tick
We do try and meet all of your needs if at all possible. This list is not exhaustive and if there is something that you require then please do ask. #HolidayWithDisabilityEquipment


The support that we can offer you ranges from just help with the booking process and getting to Brittany, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, through to full 24/7 live in care whilst you are on holiday. We can arrange for support workers/carers to come and pick you up, bring you here in your own vehicle or in a hire vehicle, stay with you, ensure you have a great holiday and take you back home. Alternatively we can just arrange for a carer to come in for an hour in the morning to help with your personal care. It literally can be as much support as you want and/or need and is based entirely on what you tell us when booking.

wheelchair Accessible Holidays

We have several qualified, DBS checked, fully up to date trained support workers that can work with yourself, your family or maybe your existing care team. We are user led, so you tell us what you want and we go from there. We understand totally that you may feel a bit out of your depth, a bit worried,scared even that you are not in your own home, comfortable with your surroundings, your own environment, comfortable with your own routine, your own staff who understand what your care needs are, they understand you and your routine. All I can try and do is assure you that we are here to get to know you, if you want something doing during your stay with us or we don’t do something quite right, or even we do something differently to what you are used to then tell us, explain to us and we try again. The control is yours, our whole ethos of choice and control over your holiday really affects all aspects of our business including our carers, personal assistants and support workers – It’s that simple and effective! #Accessibleholidays

respite Holidays With Care

Our staff are hand picked by us to be very flexible, understanding and more importantly they need to have the necessary skills to listen and learn extremely quickly. Oftentimes our carers have only got you, the disabled person, for a week or 10 days and we don’t want them to spend the whole time sorting out your personal care and you miss out on the trip to the beach or lunch out that you were really looking forward to with your family. We try and be as flexible as we can to be able to give you the control over your support, we do try and not stick to a regular routine, as in you get up at x am and go to bed at y pm, if you want to go and have a night out, why shouldn’t you, if you want a lazy lay in one morning again, why shouldn’t you? We obviously try our best to work with you, but we do have several people at any given time so will discuss this with you as and when the need arises during your holiday with us. #HolidaysWithCare


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