Brittany an unforgettable holiday in France

Until you have visited our amazing Pink Granite Coast and visited all the local chateaux, paddled in the sea and generally eaten your way through all the local delicacies you really have not lived. Brittany has a similar climate to Cornwall, has at least as much heritage if not more, has its own language, Breton, which is absolutely thriving and the locals are incredibly friendly and helpful. On top of that we have amazing boulangeries, where the bread is fresh every single day, and we really cannot be beaten when it comes to pancakes – or crepes as they are known locally. Come for  a visit and see what this truly beautiful area of France has to offer you.


With our accessible apartments in our former Flax Mill on the edge of the River Jaudy in La Roche Derrien, we are well set up to welcome you, from the large spacious apartments, with all mod cons, Free Wi-Fi amd level access throughout, we have lots of equipment to ensure your needs are met, profiling bed, shower chairs, hoists and pressure mattresses just to name a few bits and bobs!


Call me today to ask for more information and find out what special offers and activity holidays we have coming up.